Work With Me

by DashaB
Work With Me

Imagine losing weight while fully enjoying every meal you eat, with no calorie counting or feeling guilty about what you do or don’t eat.

Imagine having a healthy body, full of energy, without ever needing to diet.


› have tried so many different approaches to losing weight and you feel exhausted. You have a diet fatigue. 

› are tired of reading about diets and weight loss. 

› are fed up of logging in each and every bite that you put in your mouth. It causes you to obsess more about food and when you can eat next. It’s annoying and tiring and you’re just done, done, done!

› might be confused about what healthy eating actually is.

 might have spent your entire life struggling with health issues.

 are stressed from the day to day demands on your time and thinking about what to eat just adds to the pile. 

› would love to throw out the scale. I mean how sick are you of being so stressed out about what that number is and then feeling terribly guilty after seeing it?


How can you enjoy your life and feel fulfilled when you are so restricted by how you nourish your body?! You just can’t tackle another shake that tastes like drinking dirt.


Reaching (and keeping!) that perfect weight can be a customized-for-you (wine and chocolate are a yes for me), gorgeous experience.

You can pursue your health as part of an all-round nutrition and lifestyle plan and really consider all aspects of your life, and not just focus on the scale.

In fact, losing weight becomes a natural side effect.

You’ll be able to ditch that scale, let go of the guilt, and just focus on healthy, balanced eating that works for you!

We’ll find your own version of wellness so you can live your best life.

The process of discovering what ‘works for you’ is an intentional journey as the idea that any particular diet is good for the masses is overly simplistic.

It disregards the exceptional one-of-a-kind characteristics we each possess and how unique we are from person to person.

What’s more – it makes adopting a healthier lifestyle simple and fun!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Hi there! I’m Dasha. 

Healthy with Dasha

I’m a recovering chocaholic, a Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and a member of the Complementary Medical Association. I teach others how to regain control of their health, weight and vitality to become the most vibrant versions of themselves.

After experiencing two burnouts in my previous professional life I’ve become fascinated by the power of nutrition and healthy lifestyle on one’s state of wellbeing. I now coach clients on a one-on-one basis to develop new habits that stick.

So that you can become the you ‘you’ve always wanted to be. I understand the connection between healthy eating, living and the psychology of real life and my approach is therefore fully tailored to YOU.



› You have a personal coach that teaches you, guides you and trouble shoots with you any issues that arise on your journey towards your desired weight loss, improved sleep, digestion, glowing skin etc.

› Adopting a healthier lifestyle is made simple and fun.

› You feel cared for.

› You feel listened to.

› You become super-excited to continue on this new journey to better health especially when seeing and feeling the results.

› You know how to make the best decisions every time you eat, without falling prey to the misleading marketing tactics of the food industry.

› You can’t wait to put this information into practice and see your health change.

› When you reach the desired results you will be equipped with all the knowledge and habits, that become second nature, to maintain this going forward all by yourself.

Transformation Coaching Program£360 / month

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