Plant Based High Protein 7-Day Meal Plan


Are you struggling with meal ideas? What to eat tomorrow, the next day and the day after? How to organize your meal prep, the actual cooking time, leftovers and the shopping list?

Well, struggle no more. I’ve got you covered.

Every month, I’ll be sharing a themed weekly meal plan to give you the peace of mind that:

  • You’re eating healthy, delicious, wholesome mealsĀ 
  • You’re cooking only when you need to
  • There are plenty of leftovers to fill in the week
  • There is a clear shopping listĀ 
  • You’re adding variety into your diet
  • You get to taste new recipes and add your favourites into your regular routine

This month try the Plant-Based High Protein Meal Plan!

(oh and the photo is that of a Brownie Protein Pancake Recipe, included in the meal plan, in case you were wondering ;))



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