Full Dietary Analysis


Are you wondering whether:

  • Your protein / carbohydrate / fat intake is enough for your day to day life as well as to fuel your sports activities?
  • Or is there a mismatch that is making you gain weight?
  • You’re at a calorie deficit / maintenance / surplus?
  • The foods you eat (and the way you cook them) provide you with the right amount of minerals and vitamins?
  • Or are you likely deficient, resulting in all sorts of issues – tiredness, headaches, problems with skin, energy…?

The full dietary analysis will answer these questions and more, with personalised and practical tips for improvements.

This is followed up by a one-hour session with me to explain the results and discuss any questions you may have.

All tailored to your life!

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Upon payment, you will receive an empty 3-day food diary template with instructions on how to fill it in. Once complete I will create a full dietary analysis and share it with you. The full dietary analysis report will also come with recommendations on areas of improvement. I will be scheduling a one hour call for me to go through the results and answer any questions.

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